Hairdressers Guildford : Tips on how to find the best one for you

So, you’ve got to book an appoint with a Hairdressers Guildford soon and you only want to choose the best.

That makes perfect sense as you want to make sure you get a great look for the forthcoming event you are attending.   So, the task of finding the best hairdresser definitely deserves your time, commitment and undivided attention.

In order to help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve put together a short guide on this very topic which hopefully will make your life a whole lot easier. You see, we’ve had the privilege of finding many great hairdressers over the years and we’d like to share the wisdom that we have gained with you.  In any event, we hope it will make your transition in finding a new hairdresser simple and straightforward.

Hairdressers Guildford SalonYou can choose from many of the Hairdressers from Guildford.

Which hairdresser styles better than the rest? Which stylist will meet all of your needs? Which professional knows how to achieve the hair style you prefer? All of these questions will be answered in this brief guide….so read on!

If you have struggled in the past to find a salon that’s right for you, you’ll certainly be thanking us by the time you finish reading this information.

So let’s get into the details without any further delay…

Do any of your Co-worker have a hairstyle which you really love?

Woman with black hairMost women who work in an office environment have at least one co-worker who they admire? Maybe you do too. If that’s the case, then you may have already asked your colleague where she gets her hair done?  Most women love to boast about their hair if it looks great, so the chances are she will want to share the information with you.  For all you know, she may point you in the right direction of a perfect hairdresser for your hairstyle needs. It’s possible that her hairdresser may have worked on hair similar to yours on a regularly basis, and knows precisely how to style it so that it looks and acts exactly the way you hope it will.

But, this is just the beginning…
It’s possible that your co-worker points you in the direction of a hairdresser that’s inexpensive too, which would be an added bonus. Which would mean not only do you get the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed about, but you’ll pay less money than you did with your previous salon. It’s quite often that women daydream and possibly fantasize about moments such as this….

Getting that absolutely fabulous hairstyle and only having to pay a fraction of the cost! What a fantastic thought – and this particularly daydream could come true with your new hairdresser!

But this is only one way to achieve your goal. Let’s take a look at another right now…

Do You Love the Hairstyle of a Friend of Yours?

Washing hairLet’s say you are at a party with a group of your friends. While at this party, one of your friends starts chatting with a woman that you see around but don’t really know her. You’ve always liked this woman’s hairstyle. You know that she must go to a hairdressing salon in Guildford and have always wondered which one she goes to.  This is a great chance for you to find out exactly where she gets her gorgeous hair done?

There’s no harm in going right up to her and asking her outright. Okay, so you might not know here to speak to, but we are sure she will be highly flattered that you have asked her about her hair!

So it’s a win/win situation…not only have you complimented someone and made them feel good, but you learn the name of the hairdresser she uses….and possibly make a new friend in the process.

There’s always that slight chance your new friend might tell you about a hairdressers in Guildford that you’ve previously tried in the past, but that now it has a new hairdresser who came in to fill his or her chair. The new replacement does excellent work, and she is slowly but surely becoming the talk of the town. Initially you chose to stay away from that hairdresser because you weren’t happy with your last few experiences. Thankfully though, it sounds as though things have changed, and if you didn’t introduce yourself to the girl at the party you’d never have known!

What a great way to get a Guildford Hairdresser Review.

It turns out that this hairdressing salon is much closer to your house, so you can cut your travelling time in half by staying local and checking out the new hairstylist. There are other methods of finding a great salon. Let’s take a look at the next one…

Do Your Friends or Family Members Rant and Rave about Their Favourite Stylist?

Black and blonde dyed hairstyleIt’s always very simple and convenient to get hair advice from family members and friends. And in all honesty, you’ll appreciate the recommendation more if it comes from somebody that you love and trust. So, instead of going on a wild goose chase to try and find the best hair salon in Guildford, why not call your mother, sister, or best friend and find out if they can share the name of their hairdresser with you today.

Like we already mentioned, you may have heard them talking non-stop about the excellent job they did on their hair. At this point, you’d be crazy not to give them a try. Your loved ones have may have talked them up so much that it practically seems like they walk on water! Can this hairstylist do an excellent job for you as well? Give them a try and see if they can live up to the high expectations set forth by your loved one. It certainly can’t hurt to give it a shot. So go and see what all the fuss is about.

Moving onto the next item on our list…

Should I Read Online Reviews When Looking for Good Guildford Hair Salons?

In our opinion, it’s valuable to read online reviews when choosing a salon. Why you ask? It’s quite simple…
If you find an unhappy reviewer, you will read about a terrible experience. They will tell you all the gory details and they will even name the hairdresser that you should avoid! This information is invaluable when seeking a new hairstylist. The last thing you want to do is come out of the salon with green hair!

It tells you precisely who to avoid, and that information is worth its weight in gold. We are sure you will agree and your hair will thank you. But that’s not the only reason online reviews are so powerful…

Online reviews also share information about the best hair stylists in Guildford. You will come across reviews speaking highly of particular stylists and hair salons who do incredible work. This is invaluable information because it points you in the right direction. It takes away all of the guesswork, so you’ll know precisely where to go without any trial and error on your part.

Blonde soft curlsThat sounds like an incredible time saver to us. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hairstylist butchering your luscious locks of yours. They will stay intact and you will continue to look lovely because you chose one that knows what they are doing from the very beginning.

Let’s take a look at one final method of finding hairdressers in and around Guildford…

Have You Considered Approaching Women That You Don’t Know?

Before you start getting a little worried about this approach, let’s explain a bit more clearly. If you see a woman on the street that has a beautiful hairstyle, stop and ask her who she uses.  We are sure she will be highly flattered – most people are. She can provide an excellent recommendation that you will truly appreciate.

That about covers the entirety of this topic…

So in closing, what can often appear like a real chore, really can be quite stress-free.  If you follow these simple tips you’ll find the ideal Hairdressers Guildford, in no time at all.

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So what hairstyle really suits you the best?

not one of the best hairstyles for womenSo which are truly the best hairstyles for women these days?

There comes a time in many women’s lives when they get fed up with their hairstyle.  They may have decided that they wanted to grow it long, got fed up with it and want it cut short, or perhaps even just want something a little different for a special occasion.

Keeping up with the latest trends for women of all ages is an important area for a hairdresser…..and one they have trained for.  They know that anyone who is looking to get their hair done wants to create a great impression or make themselves feel good with a new look.

So when we eventually decide to make a change to the way we look with our hairstyle, we want to know that the hairdresser we go to can provide us with the style that we want….

And provide us with any of the best hairstyles for women that we choose.

No one want’s to come out with a style looking like Edwards Scissorhands…..or perhaps you do?!!

You are more than likely to see exactly this type of hairstyle at a fashion show on a catwalk!

Whatever style you choose, you want to be assured that you have the best “hair do” you can get.

With that in mind, we thought you might like to take a look at these, as sometimes it can be really difficult to find a style that suits you and your personality.

Here are just 50 of the Best Hairstyles for Women to get you started…

Not everyone wants to have a brand new hairstyle, and maybe you already have a great style but you want to do something different with it….

How about braiding….is this your thing and think this is one of the best hairstyles for women around?

You can of course go to your local hairdressers Guildford and ask them to do this for you, but maybe you would like to try it yourself at home? With that in mind check out the video below for a simple guide on who to give your long look that bohemian braid style.

Or perhaps you have decided you are happy with your hairstyle, but you would like just that little bit of a difference….

How about a change of tone…, check out the best hairstyles for women who are brunette but want to change their colour or even add a touch of colour?

Do you have blonde hair? If so, these colours that are just some of the best hairstyles for women with a lighter hair colour…. Admittedly, they are a little way out there…so don’t take this selection too seriously, we just thought they were fun.

Getting the best hairdresser in Guildford for your money

So, you want to find the best hairdresser in Guildford, but you just don’t know how to make the final choice.

We totally understand your dilemma and this decision often overwhelms many people. There’s a lot at stake when choosing a new hairdresser.

Best Hairdresser in GuildfordBut this doesn’t need to be such a tough choice. You can make this decision with the proper guidance and know how. We are going to provide that guidance for you today.

So, without delaying the process further, let’s dive into the best ways to go about choosing a hairdresser at this time.

To end up with the best hairdresser in your local Guildford area, pick the one that always has a long waiting list

Even though you may not want to wait to get your hair styled or cut, knowing they have a long waiting list makes them an ideal candidate. How so? Well, the long waiting list tells us that this hairdresser has lots of customers. They wouldn’t have so many people waiting for their services if they didn’t do a good job. Do you see how their long waiting list proves that they far better than many of the other hairdressers in the area?

But here’s what you need to understand…

Queuing up for the best hairdresser in Guildford

Just because this one which appears to be the best hairdresser in Guildford because it has a long waiting list, doesn’t mean that you will have the ultimate hair styling experience. Things happen from time to time, and just because many people like a particular salon, or maybe has a favourite stylist, it doesn’t mean that you will like that person as well. You may end up having a terrible experience, and you’ll need to try other salons in order to find the best hairdresser in Guildford and one that best suits your needs or occasion.

But ultimately, this is an excellent method to begin. Because think about this for a moment…

Is She the Best Hairdresser in Guildford?Why would a salon have such a long waiting list if nobody liked the service they provided? The waiting list wouldn’t exist. It’s plain and simple as that. So, call as many hairdressers in Guildford as you can find and try and schedule an appointment. If they tell you that they are booked solid for the next month, make the appointment anyway. You may end up cancelling your hairdressing appointment at a later date, but it couldn’t hurt to schedule the appointment while you have them on the phone.

But don’t stop there…

Call other salons in the area and see what their schedules are like. Some may have immediate openings, while others may not have available time to see you for a week or two. Don’t immediately dismiss the ones with immediate openings. Someone may have cancelled at the last minute and now they need to fill that slot. If they tell you that they have one opening on that day and nothing else for a few more weeks, then we wouldn’t jump at the chance if we were you. You may end up finding an excellent hairdresser and avoid the long wait all at the same time. That sounds like a fantastic situation to us, and we are sure you will agree.

Let’s look at the next method worthy of your time and attention…

Visit the Best Hairdresser in Guildford and Watch Them Work

This woman works for in one of the best hairdresser in guildford salonsThis choice may not be what you had in mind, but if you want to see potential stylists in action, you’re going to have to go to the shop and watch these people at work. You can either sneak around and do this, or tell the hairdresser outright what you are doing. We don’t think they would have a problem with you watching them work. If they do have a problem, they probably aren’t the best hairdresser for you. They obviously feel uptight and do not like owning the spotlight. While we can certainly understand their hesitation, they need to loosen up and allow people to watch them as they complete their craft.

Because, the truth about the people who cut and style hair in Guildford is…

They are craftsmen and craftswomen just like any other trade. They will either excel at their speciality or not. It depends on how much they love what they do, how much training they’ve had and whether or not they want to continue working in this field. But ultimately this is another option that you may want to try. We’re not saying it’s the best option. But it is effective when you want to see a hairdresser work up close and personal.

Moving on to the next item on the list…

Ask Each Stylist You Speak To How Long They Have Styled Hair

Find the best hairdresser in guildford with the right teamYes, it always comes back to longevity. If a particular hairdresser has been successfully cutting hair for 20 years or longer, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have an excellent experience when going to this hair salon. But on the other hand… You may stumble upon a hairdresser that is only been in business for less than a year. They may not have mastered their craft as well as somebody who’s been in business for 20 years or longer. So you have to keep longevity in mind. We’re not saying that the rookie stylists don’t know what they are doing. We are saying nothing of the sort. We are just telling you to be wary because they may not have the right amount of experience to meet your needs. That’s all.

There’s something to be said about choosing a hairdresser that’s stayed in business for so long. They wouldn’t have lasted this long if they weren’t good or didn’t love what they do. They would have quit the hairdressing business a long time ago. However, since they are still alive and kicking and doing their thing, you can trust that the experienced and best hairdresser in Guildford will take care of you every time.

It’s Time to Make Your Final Choice on the Best Hairdresser in Guildford from the list

So, we have presented you with three quality methods in regards to choosing the best hairdresser in Guildford and the right salon.

Each method has its own pros and cons, so pick the one that feels best to you. We are certainly not going to tell you how to choose the right one for you. Only you know the best way to make this choice and ultimately it is your decision. We are purely and simply just guiding you in finding the best options available today.

Please use this information to your ultimate advantage. It should help you choose the best hairdresser in Guildford and certainly eliminate the need for trial and error which can be a very time consuming exercise for you.

Hairdressers: Are They Worth The Money?

Hairdressers being worth the money we pay for them is a big question…

So, what do you really think?

If you’re here at our site, then you’re probably wondering whether or not hairdressers Guildford are truly worth it? Many people feel that a good hairdresser earns every penny, while other people think it’s a complete waste of money.

Are Hairdressers Worth the MoneySo basically what it all comes down to is this…

Are hairdressers worth the money – do you feel that it is money well spent?

So we’d like to present a number of different reasons why hairdressers are very valuable to the right person. Hopefully this will let you see just how truly valuable this service can be. Let’s dive into the details right now…

You Have a Date with the Man of Your Dreams

daydreamingThere may come a time when you finally meet that special someone. Deep down inside you know this to be true, even though you haven’t even gone out on a date with him quite yet. So you’re definitely going to want to look your best for this special occasion, and hairdressers Guildford will play a valuable part in the beautification process. The last thing you would want is to go out on a date with the potential love of your life, and show up with messy and unkempt hair! That would not be a wise move on your part, and it may end up costing you the relationship because of it.

We know that may seem slightly superficial to you, but it’s true. People, sad though it is, are judged based on first opinions. If you make a terrible first impression, then you may never get the second chance that you deserve.

So don’t leave it up to chance. Allow hairdressers Guildford to fix up your hair correctly from the very beginning. This way you can go on your date feeling calm and confident and looking your ultimate best. You’ll be ready to take on the world, and happy that you spent the money for a quality hairdresser.
Believe us; you’ll know that the hairdresser was worth every penny. You’ll consider the hairdresser one of the best investments you’ve ever made. And it is an investment whether you realize it or not. You are investing in your good looks and a great hair day.

Let’s move on to the next part of potential scenario…
You Are the Maid of Honour at Your Best Friend’s Wedding. You wouldn’t dream of walking into your best friend’s wedding as the maid of honour or bridesmaid without first seeing one of the best hairdressers Guildford that money could buy. Walking in with unkempt and messy hair could potentially start World War III. That’s the last thing on earth that you’d want to do and let’s face it… This is your best friend after all. You love her. You are extremely happy for her, and you only want the best for her on this special day.

Again, this is another scenario where hairdressers are worth their weight in gold. You will literally get more value for your money at this point then you may at any other time when seeing a hairdresser. Let’s not forget about the fact that all of your closest family members and friends are going to be in attendance…Let’s also not forget about the fact that you might have to give a maid of honour speech in front of the entire room full of people…

And what’s more, you’d like to look your best as you welcome your best friend and her new husband on their journey into a brand-new life…

As its plain to see, hairdressers Guildford play a vital role in every wedding scenario on the face of the earth. So do not underestimate their value at all, because they truly earn their worth while helping a wedding party look their best.

We’ll take a look at one more scenario to drive home this point…

You Have to Give a Presentation in Front of All the Bosses and Senior Management at Your Company

Quite honestly…
You’re going to be nervous, anxious and a little bit on edge as the time inches closer to the day that you have to give your presentation. You will want to look and feel your best when this day comes. So the only way you’re going to look your best is if you call on the aid of hairdressers Guildford to take this burden off of your shoulders. Everybody’s attention will be on you while you give your presentation. They are going to watch your every move, and they will scrutinise everything about you during this presentation. That’s just the way it goes when you present information in front of a group of people.

However, you don’t have to walk in feeling self-conscious. Just make sure you go to your favourite hairdressers Guildford and have them fix up your hair so that it is perfect for your presentation.

That’s it for now… As you can see, there are plenty of reasons whyhairdressers are worth the money but we know that only you can really answer the question……

…..are hairdressers worth the money?

You may not need one every day, but there are definitely days during your life when they come in very handy.